Genius Recipe: Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno Corndog Waffles

Mar 14, 2016 at 3:37 pm |


Credit: PrettyGoodVideos

There are corndogs and there are waffles. But put them together with some cheese and jalapeno and you get an awesome recipe. Meet Cheddar Jalapeno Corndog Waffles also known as Cheddar Jalapeno Waffled Corndogs. If you have a waffle maker, we highly recommend you give this recipe a try. See them come together in the video and get the full recipe below.

If you grew up eating corndogs then you know very little can satisfy a craving for that ultimate fair food. My mom always made corndogs at home for us but she never really loved the process. The cool thing about these waffled corndogs is that you get to use the waffle maker and making these is just as fun as eating them.

You can customize the recipe any way you like with bacon or other veggies or even more cheese. Speaking of cheese, we used cheddar for these but you could make an Italian version with mozzarella. Yum!

This is one of those kid-friendly recipes you can get the kids involved with too. They’ll definitely agree these are fun to make and fun to eat!

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Cheddar Cheese Jalapeno Corndog Waffles

Difficulty: intermediate Yield: 2





Ready In


Will they waffle? Yes they will!



1Follow the Jiffy directions to mix up the corn bread mix according to the box

2Add the shredded cheese and diced jalapeno to the mix

3Cut hot dogs in half lengthwise

4Stick each hot dog half with a skewer

5Layer the hot dog skewer on a hot waffle maker, layer 1 cheese stick on top, and then carefully place about 2 tablespoons of the corn muffin mix on top of that

6Press down the lid and cook until golden brown