Quick, Cheap and Easy Tips to Beat The Late Night Fridge Raid

Jul 17, 2015 at 3:56 pm |

I tend to stay on my healthy living track during the day. I workout in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast and meal prep my lunches for the office. I even strive to cook/prepare all meals except for one during the week! However, you can still overeat with the healthiest of foods. Before I made a real lifestyle change, I would eat late at night before bed. Some say it’s because of boredom, some say habit, I say both. It was like a treat to look forward to before bed. However, this did NOTHING for my weight loss efforts. Here are my little tricks to stay on track before bed.

1. Herbal Mint Tea

Studies show that drinking something warm at night settles the stomach and reduces your appetite. I like peppermint for the anti-inflammatory properties and the taste. If I have calories in the night left, I add a splash of cream and stevia and it taste so yummy and fulfilling. It has become a nightly ritual I look forward to and keeps me away from the fridge.

2. Take a Stroll

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This has worked wonders for me! When I get the urge to snack, I lace up my shoes and take a 15 minute walk. That’s right, 15 minutes that’s it! By taking a brisk walk, your appetite decreases, your mind drifts somewhere else and you get a few extra steps in. It makes you less likely to sabotage yourself! It has become so popular in my house that at a certain time of night, my pup begs for the leash…Yes, I know some of you have kids, however, your spouse can hold down the fort for 15 minutes!!

3. Brush those Teeth

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This is an old trick used by many. Brushing your teeth after dinner subconsciously tells your brain that it’s time for bed. The same tactic as cleaning the entire kitchen so you don’t use any more dishes.

Now, I know you have tips for beating the late night cravings. What are they?

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