One Move to Give You Amazing Inner Thighs

Jun 18, 2015 at 1:58 pm |

woman in workout clothes and her thighs

(Photo by shutterstock)

The thigh exercise you must try.

There’s two types of thigh burn: the one where your thighs are so large they rub up against each other and begin to chaffe, and the one where you do this amazing move and burn that fat off your thighs.

We prefer the latter.

It’s called Gate Swings, and they’re amazing.

Looks simple enough, but this move will work out your glutes, hamstrings, and (most importantly) your outer and inner thighs. Not to mention it will boost your heart rate for some good cardio.

-Start with your feet together.
-Jump and spread legs apart, slightly past the shoulders.
-Dip your butt down, and make your legs reach a 90° angle.
-Use your arms to push yourself down and touch elbows to knees.
-Lift back up and repeat.

Looking for an even tougher thigh workout?

Check this out: Gate Swings with a cross. Very similar to the Gate Swing, but you are in a more constant motion, jumping up and crossing your legs and lowering once again.

Think you can do it? Try each for one minute, and feel that tight burn (the good kind)!

Is thigh gap real? It can be with if you do this move…