Netflix Hacks You Need Now

Aug 11, 2015 at 4:16 pm |

I spend too much time watching streaming movies on Netflix. I don’t feel bad about this because I know you do, too. Who can resist the allure of thousands of movies and shows at your disposable? I’ve tracked down some hacks to make your viewing even more pleasurable. (Really I did it for myself, but I figured that I should share.)

1.Change your subtitles.


I use subtitles when I watch everything. Too many British movies with mumbling has gotten me started on this. Go to your account setting under “My Profile” and click on “Subtitle Appearance.” Once in there, you can change font size, style and even color.

2. Searching for something specific?


This is a genius hack. Go to WhatsOnNetflix, which has the id number of every specific category. Then punch this in your browser: (obviously that’s where you insert the catgeory number you are looking for.)
Film noir is 7687, cult horror is 10944 and military documentaries are 4006. Maybe now I can find 80’s movies with sports montages.

3. You can stream in HD!


Go to “Your Account” and select Playback settings. Under Data Usage, click High and then the save button.

Stream instantly, stream always.