Meet the Nutella and Donut Milkshake

Aug 6, 2015 at 3:35 pm |

Do you remember Australia’s “Freakshake”? Well Patissez in Canberra isn’t the only Australian cafe making monster milkshakes. Peep these eats in Erskineville, Sydney by Foodcraft Espresso and Bakery.

What are they? Nutella donuts on top of Nutella milkshakes because NUTELLA!

Oh, did you just get bugeyed? This mashup treat is made by placing a Nutella-filled Tella Ball — a sugar-coated doughnut — on top of a Nutella milkshake, with a straw shoved through it because how else are you going to consume it? Its inventor and the cafe’s owner, Aki Daikos, created the shake with business partner, Simon Kappatos, by mashing the cafe’s two most popular desserts, the Nutella Shake and the Tella Ball, together into a gluttonous celebration.

Understandably, people are going crazy for it. “It’s been mental, it’s been really good,” Daikos told Mashable Australia. “We just put those two things together, just playing around last week wanting to be creative. And we just came up with something really cool, creative and funky.” It was only introduced last week, but already they are selling out. “We made 400 Tella Balls today, and we ran out at 11 a.m. this morning,” Daikos said. “We used around 30 kilograms of Nutella today, it’s been really crazy. We had to close early today as we ran out of milk.”

Now it just needs an appropriate and catchy name. The Nutella Bomb? Sweet Double N? What do you think?

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A hazlenut lovers dream come true.