Meet The Lychee

Jul 8, 2015 at 12:01 pm |

Ever see this weird fruit around? Are you intimated by it? Don’t be! The lychee (pronounced either “lee-chee” or “lie-chee”) is super delicious. So much so that I will buy anything lychee flavored.


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Lucky for us the lychee nut is still in season! If you see them at your supermarket or speciality Asian grocery, pick up a pound or two! No can do? They are available canned and in juice forms as well.

While it’s called a nut, it’s actually a fruit. If you haven’t enjoyed one yet, the taste is very sweet, almost honey like and floral. Lychees are tender and juicy yet crisp. It has a large seed in the middle that’s inedible and a rind that is a thin, rough, and leathery. Don’t eat that! It’s easy to peel off.

Here’s just a few things you can do with the lovely, luscious lychee:

1. Cocktails

A lychee martini is delicious and refreshing in the Summer.

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2. Mocktails
Not a drinker? No problem! Combine 1 cup pureed lychee (or lychee juice) with 1 cup sparkling water and a sprig of mint.

lychee drink

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3. Sorbet

Lychees aren’t in season all your round, so savor the fleeting flavor by making sorbet or even ice cream with it.

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4. Preserve them

If you don’t feel like canning your own, just soak them in vodka in the fridge for at least a month.

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5. Just eat them

This is the best way to enjoy them!

eat lychee

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Eat this fruit up!