Make Your Own Healthy (Or Boozy) Freezie Pops

Jul 6, 2015 at 1:29 pm |

zipzicle ice pop

I looooooved those plastic wrapped ice pops as a kid. They were so fun even though, in retrospect, they weren’t very delicious. They were always overly sweet and made my throat scratchy. Now in the age of DIY, there’s a product available on Amazon so you can make your own. You can sweeten it naturally with fruit or make adult boozy pops! The Zipzicle is essentially an oblong, durable BPA-free ziplock baggie that you can easy pour your smoothie, juice, flavored water or margarita into. They are only $4 for a dozen.

The best part is that you can take them to go. Unlike with traditional popsicle molds, you don’t have to worry about carrying home sticky gear. And if your Zipzicle starts to melt, it won’t get everywhere and you can easily pop it into someone’s freezer — or drink it as a slushy. Bring them to BBQs or picnics and watch adults and children perk up.

Peach and whisky?! Yes, please! Where have you been all my adult life?!

We can wait to make these portable homemade popsicles!