Leg Shaving Hacks

Aug 10, 2015 at 4:32 pm |

I know, I know — leg shaving is such a pain in the butt especially when the hair seems to grow back the next day.

Follow these hacks and you’ll get a closer, smoother shave.  

Also, don’t forget to change out your razor blade frequently — a dull razor does more harm than good.

1. You’ll also get baby soft skin!

exfoliate hack

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2. It also moisturizes!

leg shaving hack

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3. Step one will get most of the hair off then step two will get a close shave.

shaving hack method

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4. If you rinse the razor off more frequently, it won’t get clogged up with hair.

short shaving hack

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5. This will calm your skin, especially if you’re prone to razor burn.

leg toner hack

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6. Who wants dry, ashy legs?

leg shaving moisturize hack

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