Learn How To Love Your Body No Matter What!

Jul 16, 2015 at 3:04 pm |

Raise your hand if you have ever looked in a mirror and immediately began picking yourself apart? *raises hand* Yes, that’s right, I do it too. It’s especially true of those of us that struggle with weight, whether is be 5 pounds or 50. To learn to truly love your body at ALL stages of life is one of the steepest hills to learn to climb.

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Most of you know right now I’m 8.5 months pregnant and while this has been one of the BIGGEST dreams come true for me, all of the physical changes have been frustrating and beautiful all at the same time. On one hand I know I’m doing to best I can to make healthy decisions for this growing boy inside me, but watching the scale creep up and up over the last 8 months is really scary….even though you know why it’s happening! I’ve had to constantly remind myself that no matter what I am beautiful and worthy of that “mindset”! That being said some days are better than others, but the beauty is I’ve come up with a few steps to pass on as we all take the journey to loving the body we are in! Here they are:

Step one: Become friends with your mirror!

That’s right take a good long look — maybe even give yourself a little wink. I used to avoid mirrors like the plague when I was really overweight, but I can remember about two months into being on The Biggest Loser I started taking a good look at my body everyday. Instead of nit-picking away I tried to find one thing a day that I loved about my body. I don’t care what you say, everyone can find one thing they love about themselves. For me it started out with things like my hair or my eyes. Then later on as I began to become more comfortable with this idea I could even find joy in my soft feminine stomach. As much as I would love to have a 6-pack abs it’s just not in the cards for me. So, instead of focusing on that I can appreciate the strength in my core because even though it doesn’t look like a washboard I can teach 16 SoulCycle classes a week and that takes a ton of core strength. See where I’m going with this? Ok, now you try.

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Step two: Dressing the part

So once you have become friends with your mirror now we are going to dress up that body you are starting to love! What I mean is choose one thing a day to wear that makes you happy. I know it sounds so superficial and silly, but I’m telling you THAT when I feel down about my body I put on a bright red lipstick and instantly all is right with the world. By not hiding away and feeling bad about your appearance I find really showcasing the aspects you love instantly reminds you that you are beautiful and your body is to be celebrated daily.

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(Photo by Olivia Ward)

Step Three: Make healthy food choices

I’m an emotional eater and a food addict, so when I feel down I run to things like cupcakes and french fries. For me when I make good solid healthy food choices it really gives me a sense of power. By not choosing the cupcakes that feel good in the moment and then terrible later on it gives me a powerful feeling: That even though I might not be exactly where I want to be physically, I’m taking control of the situation and making a difference one bite at a time.

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Yes, body love and eventually acceptance is a long road and, to be honest, I hope it’s a journey that lasts a lifetime. No matter what size, shape, age, or gender you might be celebrate where you are today. Even if you feel you have a long way to go, trust me that the journey is so much more enjoyable if you can learn to enjoy the view along the way

Stay Happy and Healthy!
Olivia xo

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This is a tough one, but believe in yourself!