Korean Skincare Secrets

Jul 10, 2015 at 1:25 pm |

K-Pop stars are as well known for their flawless skin as they are for their music. It’s been a few years since we were introducted to the revolutionizing Korean BB cream, but makeup just covers up. What Korean women have and we want is a great canvas. The better your skin looks, the less foundation you need. And there’s no faking great skin.

korean beauty

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I recently went to a three Korean beauty stores in NYC: Tony Moly, The Face Shop and Club Clio. Here are some odd, but amazing products I picked up that have yet to make their way to Western companies. If you’d like to try them out, they are easily available online and affordable.

baby silk foot mask


1. Holika Holika, Baby Silk Hand & Foot Masks, $7 for two

You might feel like Howard Hughes with plastic baggies on your feet, but it’s worth it. I used this foot mask last night and it’s like I just got a $30 pedicure. Better than putting food cream on, these little booties supply shea butter, peppermint, avocado oils, and lots more essential oils to your dry and tired dogs which seem to absorb the goodies.

tonymoly snail gel


2. Tony Moly, Pure Eco Snail Moisture Gel, $17

If you aren’t repulsed, this jelly isn’t slimy and gooey and provides amazing moisture that lasts all day.

floria face gel


3. Tony Moly, Floria Brightening Peeling Gel, $15

This isn’t what it seems. Most people think of a “peel” as harsh chemicals that burn and sting. This is a very mild gel like plain ol’ aloe. Except when you push it around your face, it magically frees the dead skin and it pills together. Rinse off and you have an exfoliated face without being red.

donkey milk


4. Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask, $20 for 10

It sounds silly, but it’s supposed to work wonders! Apparently donkey milk is super high in whey protein and amino acids, which are both superfoods for you beautiful skin.

holika pore gel


5. Holika Holika, Pig-nose Clear Black Head Peeling Massage Gel, $6.50

Another reason why I love Asian skincare is the adorable packaging. This gel warms up hot as you rub it around your nose. It stimulates your pores to help get the gunk out before washing.

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