Italy Serves Up the World’s Longest Pizza

Jun 22, 2015 at 3:07 pm |

worlds largest pizza

(Photo by YouTube / GNews)

Ciao! In Italy this week, at a Milan’s 2015 Expo, the Guinness World Record for longest pizza was set at a whopping 1595.45 meters, that’s 5,234 feet for our non-metric friends. The pizza was made with 1.7 tons of flour, 1.7 tons of cheese, and 1.5 tons of tomatoes.

Over 80 chefs throughout Italy came together to create this massively long pizza using five ovens that were adapted for this special project. The pizza was cooked one meter at a time and took five minutes per meter. The pizza served over 30,000 visitors with 300 meters to spare donated to the Banco Alimentare food bank.

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What kind of pizza you ask? A classic margherita, of course. This year it celebrated its 126th anniversary, with the longest pizza record in an effort to grow awareness around its bid to add the pizza to UNESCO’s cultural heritage list. Pizza associations have already collected for 300,000 signatures toward the effort.

What do you think? Is margherita pizza worth adding to the history books?

I can’t believe they ate the whole thing!