How to Take the Best Instagram Food Photos

May 14, 2015 at 10:25 am |

Entertaining foodie friends can be a real challenge when they are constantly photographing their food before they eat. With a little practice and the right serveware, utensils, and backdrop preparing photo-ready food presentations can be a breeze.

Because if you're going to be eating all day, you'd better start in bed.

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Surface For Food Photography

happy hour here | hosting a beautiful dinner for @ullajohnson + @elleusa

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First thing to consider is the surface where you food will be placed. A safe bet is to invest a beautiful finished wood or marble countertop. Don’t have the funds for these kinds of luxuries? A great alternative is serving on a wood cutting board reserved for these type of gatherings or just small slab of marble (you can find both for under $100).

Linens to Help Make Food Photos Look Superb

Create depth, texture, and layers to your image by using linen for your table scape.  A natural colored blend linen or a woven is perfect for engaged interest from guests and add to their photos

Serveware Help Makes Food Sparkle

Simple white dishes, bowls, and platters are always a classic way to dress up a table.  This way you allow the food be the focus of the image and meal, the presentation will be able to speak for itself.  If you want to add a bit of color to your plating try cobalt, navy, and deep blues with subtle details.

Utensils In Food Photos Can Change Everything

Brass photographs in magical ways.  Don’t want to break the bank, either? Check out a local Salvation Army or Goodwill as you’ll come across on some fantastic hand me downs.

Food, the Most Important Part of the Photo

Blueberry pancakes #Sundaystyle

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The trick with food? Less is more so try small plates for your gathering and don’t complicate a dish by piling on the portions.  Try recipes with limited ingredients and eye catching garnishes like basil, rosemary, and edible flowers. Leave room around the edges of your plate to get a glimpse of your serveware, linen, and table surface that you put all your hard work into.

Want to show off your homecooked meal? Better make it look good! Here’s how to take great Instagram-ready food photos.