How to Pickle Cauliflower

Jun 12, 2015 at 11:00 am |

Do you love pickled vegetables? Salty, sweet, tangy, and crunchy pickles!

I worked in restaurants that did a lot of their own pickling such as I learned how to pickle a variety of vegetables with different preparations. Not to be confused with the labor intensive canning, refrigerator pickles take minutes and will last for months. It’s surprisingly easy and delicious. Eat them on their own, add them to your Bloody Mary, give them as gifts, pair them with your sandwich or charcuterie plate.¬†Also, you can use the brine as a whisky chaser when you are done.

pickling pickled cauliflower

(Photo by Chewy Boese)

Let’s learn how to pickle cauliflower.

Learn the easy technique of making your own pickles.