How to Make Detox Water: an Explanation and Recipe

May 8, 2015 at 3:39 pm |

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Have you seen all of the fruit waters on Pinterest lately and ever wondered, what’s all of the hype?

Detox water helps remove toxins from the body by using additional ingredients that specifically help with these processes. But does adding a specific ingredient to your water really work? I have tested so many, and I found one recipe that helps me with belly bloating and it tastes delicious! When I wake up and my face looks so puffy, I drink this recipe all day. Added to your diet and exercise routine, it makes a huge difference!

3 ingredients for a delicious detox water recipe.

1. Lemon

This one is obvious! The juice of a lemon helps to alkalize and cleanse the body of toxins. After extracting the juice, save the peel! I add fresh lemon zest to just about everything for flavor!

2. Fresh Mint

This herb is great for digestion and settling the stomach. It also adds a touch of calorie free sweetener and really brings out the flavor of the other ingredients!

3. Cucumber

This one is important! Cucumbers are natural diuretics and are amazing anti-inflammatory agents. Puffy face, be gone!

Before bed I make an entire pitcher with 2 whole juiced lemon’s, a handful of fresh mint and, one and a half cucumbers sliced. Add water to the pitcher and stir. Pop it in the fridge overnight and get ready to wake up and start sipping!

Want to know how to make a great detox water? We have the perfect detox water recipe that you can sip throughout the whole day.