How to Get the Perfect Calves

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OK, calves can be tricky without the perfect set of genetics. I have to work on mine a few times a week or else it’s cankle city! Running and spinning/cycling are 2 obvious ways to keep them looking svelte, however, so there are easier ways to build them up! Check out these tips:

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Shape up with these calf exercises.

1. Calf Raises

How to do a calf raise

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In the morning when I’m brushing my teeth, I don’t stop until I have done 30 calf raises! This sounds silly but it’s true and when I don’t do it regularly, I can tell a difference!! I also do calf raises on some kind of elevated level (like a step) 3x a week. Usually 3 sets of 25. Masters take it up a notch and add dumbbells!

2. Step ups


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Now, you don’t need bench step ups for calves. You can use the front step to your house or a step up your stairs. However, step up on your toes! Just make sure the step isn’t too high or this will impact your knee. Relying on those toes helps with balance and really isolate your calves.

3. Stair Master


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This is tough. Two 20 minute sessions a week will have your calves looking good in no time, so aim for intervals. 30 seconds of fast stairs to 1 minute of slow stairs. If you can’t do 20, aim for 10 and add a minute to each session every week.

4. Incline training


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Any time your body is on the way up, step up, stand up, etc, you are working that booty and those legs! Incline training on the treadmill and even walking/running hills outside works wonders for your calves. Try starting off at 5% incline and work your way to 10 for 25 minutes and a 5 minute cool down. You will pouring sweat and your calves will be sore which is a total score!!

5. Jump Rope


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Another cheap trick (no pun intended) is the ole fashion jump rope. What a calorie torcher! Simple rope skipping is fine, however, to build those calves you need to get on the balls of your feet. I wouldn’t go for speed unless you are doing intervals but 10 minutes of jumping rope is an accomplishment! Your calves, thighs, and backside will thank you!!

What are your “my calves are hot” secrets??

Go hard or go home by learning the 5 simple steps in building strong calves.

Hannah Curlee

Tone hard or go home by learning these 5 simple steps in building strong calves.