How to Create an Amazing Meat and Cheese Board for a Party

May 15, 2015 at 9:39 am |

Buying food for entertainment purposes shouldn’t be complicated. Foods that always please a crowd are cheese and meat boards and this starter is just right for leading into dinners or small bites with cocktails.


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Here are 3 Cheese and Meat boards that perfectly accommodate any party size.

Small Group (2-4 guests)


Cheese and Meat board for small group.

(Photo Credit/ Jenna Saraco / Local Creative)

For the first board, choose one excellent cheese and quality meat. Consider leaving the cheese mostly whole and the meat half sliced with some crisp bread and jam for presentation.

Medium Group (4-6 guests)


Cheese and Meat board for medium sized group.

(Photo Credit/ Jenna Saraco / Local Creative)

This board has a modern angular approach. Arranging the ingredients in a presentable way allows for easy access. Including fresh fruit offerings and 3 easily spooned condiments (a dip, sauce, or jam) to allow for easy dipping from the board .

Large Group (8-10 guests)


Cheese and Meat Board

(Photo Credit/ Jenna Saraco / Local Creative)

The last board is the great table centerpiece, both in beauty and in function! Using a reclaimed wooden slab as a canvas, why not up the ante by 3 adding 3 cheeses and 2 meats. This 3:2 ratio is ideal when entertaining. Try incorporating a fresh seasonal fruit element into boards. Use pomegranate seeds for a bold pop of color. Use jam, mustard, and Marcona almonds to enhance the meat and cheese choices and fill any space on your board.

Every party needs a great meat and cheese board. Here’s how to turn your board into looking spectacular.