Hack The Heat: 3 No-Cook Recipe Ideas

Jul 14, 2015 at 11:50 am |

Who wants to turn the oven or the stove on when it’s over 90 degrees out? Tired of eating the same basic salad when it’s too hot to cook? Check out these delicious ideas that require no heat and that are also healthy and crazy easy to assemble.

1. Salmon salad

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Pre-packaged smoked salmon can be eaten with so much more than your bagel for breakfast. Put it in a sandwich or make a slightly Asian salad with orange segments, avocado, and sesame. Too expensive? Canned salmon is available at any supermarket. Look for it next to the tuna fish.

2. Artichoke salad

No paring knife work needed here. Canned or jarred marinated artichokes are a great hearty substitution for meat. Add some spicy arugula, fresh tomatoes, and some lemon juice and olive oil.

3. Lentil pita sandwich

lentil pita

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Take a lentil salad that you would normally eat as a side and turn it into a meal by putting it into a pita. Make it Mediterranean by adding cucumbers, feta, olives, peppers, parsley with a squirt of lemon. And remember: You can eat corn raw!

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