Grab The Kids: Make Your Own Rainbow Wrapping Paper

Jul 27, 2015 at 5:02 pm |

I stumbled across this DIY kiddie science project that I figure you can also repurpose as beautiful wrapping paper. The best part is that it is so inexpensive and you probably have all the supplies already in your house.

Materials You Need:
A bowl filled with water
Clear nail polish
Black construction paper

Add 3-4 drops of clear nail polish to the bowl of water. Watch it disperse over the surface of the water. Quickly dip the paper into the water. Let it dry on a paper towel, which should take just a few minutes. Voila!

There’s also a technique called milk painting, which you will need food coloring, white paper, dish soap and almond milk for:

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A fun and crafty project that will save you money on wrapping paper!