Genius: Spaghetti in a Cone

Jul 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm |

I’m still conflicted about the pizza cone, but I’m all on board with the spaghetti cone. It was created by chef Emanuele Attala and available at his new restaurant, the Spaghetti Incident in NYC (of course). Sometimes I crave pasta – ok, very often the craving comes – but it’s clumsy to eat. You have be sitting down at a table and take time out of your day. Well, no more! Put your carb load in a cone-shaped container and you are good to go. Literally.

You can eat this while walking down the street — perfect for the busy New Yorker who doesn’t have time but appreciates fine foods. Bonus point for naming the joint after a Guns N’ Roses album! Would you eat these?

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Best cup of pasta in town!