You Haven’t Seen Food Photos Like This Before

May 5, 2016 at 2:41 pm |

Making your food-obsessed pics tinier than ever.

These days, food photography is EVERYWHERE. It seems like you can’t have a meal without someone at a nearby table (or even at your own), whipping out their phone to take a shot of food someone else made. And then you get those people that need to document every dish they make at home, even if it’s just boxed mac ‘n’ cheese with overcooked vegetables.

It goes without saying but we live in a food-obsessed culture where we want more and more unique, creative foods presented in an artistic way. But a woman named Melissa Hie has made the ultimate mashup of delicious local food with travel photos in her blog “Girl Eat World.”

japan food shot

Source: Instagram @girleatworld

How to get up close and personal with a treat called “Koulouri.”

Check out some outstanding, delicious and beautiful food photos.