Wife Finds Husband Cheating on Tinder and Writes Her Own Bio for Him

Dec 6, 2016 at 2:50 pm |


With websites like Ashley Madison, Horny Wife, and Affairs Club, cheating on your significant other is easier than ever. No longer do you have to sneak around trying to find a man or woman to hook up with, hiding the fact that you are already in a one-sidedly committed relationship. These days, you can wear your adultery flag with pride and absolutely no shame… that is, until your wife or husband catches you in the act.

This husband was not too clever with his infidelity. His wife happened to stumble upon his profile and took matters into her own hands.

A hand holding Apple iPhone 6 plus with Tinder application. Tinder is a location-based dating and social discovery service application Image ID:511548754 Copyright: Prathan Chorruangsak Editorial Credit: Prathan Chorruangsak/Shutterstock

Credit: Prathan Chorruangsak/Shutterstock

Hell hath no fury…

That's one way to take your revenge!!