Why You Should Always Avoid One Night Stands. You Might End Up…

Dec 9, 2014 at 1:50 pm |

Be careful out there, lovers.

Ah, the ol’ one night stand. Most everyone has been there. So you’re drunk at a bar and in an amorous mood and see a fellow single guy or girl that catches your eye. Drinking leads to kissing and kissing leads to going home and doing the deed. Sobering up the next day you may regret your decision from the night before or maybe you are happy you finally got laid. Either way, you have to do the dreaded walk of shame — looking disheveled and wearing yesterdays clothes.

But there are other consequences to one night stands besides a blow to your pride. Read on for reasons to avoid a temporary rendezvous.

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Credit: Orange-Melody/iStock

Be careful out there, lovers.

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