What’s the Best Burger in Your State?

May 17, 2016 at 6:01 pm |

Are these the 50 best burgers in America?

There’s nothing like saddling up to your favorite burger joint and enjoying some beefy patties with a side of crispy fries and maybe a beer.

Big or flat patty? Condiments or dry? Potato bun or artisanal bread? Everyone has their preferences for favorite burger joint, so it’s hard to declare which ones are truly “the best.” While we’ll probably get a lot of flack for our picks and we haven’t had the luxury of trying every single burger out there, these winners are constantly on top of the lists from critics and fans. Hopefully you’ve had the chance to enjoy some of them!

beef bacon cheddar pepperjack avocado onion lettuce tomato burger

Source: Instagram @stacksburgers

What’s your favorite burger joint?

Did your favorite burger make the cut?