What Makes a Woman Sexy?

Jun 17, 2016 at 4:47 pm |

Finally, they got it right.

Her smile, her curves, her bedroom moves. All of these are used to describe what makes a woman sexy. And while they’re all part of the picture, there are way more characteristics that supersedes the above. It’s more than just looks. It’s the way she treats herself and how she grooms herself.

Everyone has a different opinion on what makes the opposite sex sexy. Askmen.com asked a group of men just that. Here’s a list of what makes a woman sexy according to them. And can you believe that not one answer had anything to do with looks?

Group of young women lying on a bed looking at camera smiling

Credit: Blend Images/Shutterstock

You’ll be surprised by what these guys think is sexy.

Find out what men say makes a woman totally sexy.