Sugar Overload: Gourmet Homemade Donuts

Dec 19, 2016 at 2:35 pm |

These donuts are to die for

Donuts are an American classic, but they’ve gone far beyond simple fried pastries with a sugar glaze. You can top your donut with almost anything today, even bacon tastes great atop your fried dough. But if you’re not willing to leave home this winter just to snag a donut, we’ve got the recipe that brings them right to you. Simply cut out and fry them in a pan with oil, then top them off with these scrumptious toppings.

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If you are craving some delectable donuts, but don’t want to wait in line at the trendy diner, just fry them up yourself with these amazing toppings.

You've never seen such delicious toppings for a donut.