Stuffed Chicken Recipes: Pepperoni Pizza-Stuffed Chicken

Jul 21, 2016 at 12:19 pm |

Don't order a pizza: bake it in your chicken!

Pizza is everyone’s favorite food, but it’s not always the healthiest choice. Kids can’t get enough of that doughy, cheesy delight, but they are going to miss out on essential nutrients if they eat it too often. They’ll definitely be missing out on the protein of lean meats. Well, we have devised a way for your kids (or you) to get a pizza fix while getting plenty of home-cooked, lean chicken breast: Bake pizza in chicken.

You can stuff a chicken breast with your favorite pizza toppings, but, for the sake of simplicity, we’ve gone with the traditional toppings for this recipe. Don’t be intimidated by your oven! You don’t need to be an expert chef, if you follow our 4 simple steps for pizza stuffed chicken perfection.

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Credit: Consumed Media

This savory chicken dish will be your family’s new favorite dinner.

It's a pizza inside of your chicken!