Stripper Gets 6 Ribs Removed and Eye Implants to Look Like a Living Cartoon

Aug 22, 2016 at 6:22 pm |

Jessica Rabbit? Is that you?

Beauty trends are always changing. In the ’90s, you looked like a monster if your eyebrows were any thicker than a pencil line. Now, the thicker the better. In the ’80s, perms were all the rage. Now? Au natural baby. One beauty look that has maintained itself through the ages, however, is a small waist. Hundreds of years ago, women wore corsets to achieve a waist as small as possible. Flash forward to 2016, things haven’t changed that much. Of course, the corsets look a lot different, but celebrities like the Kardashians and the Teen Moms often show off their “trainer corsets” on Instagram that help them get that coveted look.

This woman’s dream is to hold the world record for having the world’s tiniest waist and will stop at nothing to get her title.

Pixee Fox taking selfie

Source: Facebook @Pixie Fox Official

“If people can be born transgender, then I was born transcartoon”

We have no idea how we feel about this...