Secret Toker? Yet Another Reason to Love ‘Debz OG’

Feb 22, 2017 at 5:09 pm |

Debra delivers, yet again

Teen Mom OG‘s Debra Danielsen (Farrah Abraham’s mother) has secured a “love to hate her” status on MTV. Like her daughter, Deb is absolutely ridiculous and fans have delighted in pointing out her ultra hypocritical moments as well as her flawlessly fabulous ones. With the recent premiere of Debra’s very own TMOG special episode, Being Debra, fans noticed a brand new reason to love her!

This one might take the cake, so in honor of our favorite grandparent we love to hate getting even more outrageous, here are her best moments (and her newest scandal)!

Farrah and Debra Insta

Source: Instagram @ddanielsen1

Oh, Deb. You never disappoint me.

Debra never fails to spice things up!