Ronda Rousey Is Asked What Guys Should Never Do in Bed.. Take Notes on #6!

Dec 17, 2014 at 10:35 am |

She loves to do the deed as much as possible

Ronda Rousey has no shame about her sex game. She has been very open about how much she loves to have sex, especially before a big match. Right before her bout with Holly Holm, he revealed that she tries to have as much sex as possible weeks leading up to big fights. She must’ve abstained before their fight.

During a Maxim reader-submitted Q&A, 36-year-old Jack from Los Angeles asked the boxer what guys should ALWAYS and NEVER do in bed. We were not expecting THIS response.

If you want to wrestle with Ronda Rousey in bed, be sure to NOT do this…

Her NEVER DO answer gets pretty weird