This Restaurant Will Give You a Discount If Your Children Behave

Feb 23, 2017 at 2:01 pm |

People might lay down some rules to save money.

When you go to a restaurant you expect to enjoy a nice meal with a good atmosphere. But sometimes, you get a meal and a screaming, unruly child in the background, ruining everyone’s experience.

It’s not fun for anyone, but does that mean other customers have to suffer through a pricey meal, out of courtesy to the child’s family? Should the family pack up and leave, out of courtesy to a room-full of diners? There may be no solution to the problem, but one smart restaurateur has devised a reward system to help out with the dilemma.

child suprised by dessert at restaurant

Credit: Quintanilla/Shutterstock

This Italian restaurant devised a reward system for the parents of well-behaved kids.

I think that more places should implement a "polite child" discount