Put These Bagel Sandwiches in Your Mouth Right Now

Jun 27, 2016 at 2:18 pm |

Bagels aren't just for breakfast.

Growing up on Long Island and then living in NYC, I like to think I’m an expert on bagels. I don’t even eat them in New Orleans because I’ll know I’ll be disappointed. A friend back in NY overnighted me two dozen frozen everything bagels. That is how much I truly miss them. Just toasted with a smear of vegetable cream cheese or some lox and capers: that’s a way to start my day happy. Oh, how about a bacon, egg and cheese bagel after a night out?

But bagels aren’t just for breakfast or late night snacks. Have you even tried using a soft, yet toasty bagel for your sandwich? Away, flavorless mushy white bread! Make your sandwich fantastically delicious inside and out.

bagel with salami onion ailoi arugula

Source: Instagram @yeastieboysbagels

Is there anything you CAN’T put on a bagel?

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.