Myth Buster: 50% Of Marriages Don’t ACTUALLY End in Divorce

Aug 1, 2016 at 1:59 pm |

So how many people are getting divorced?

We’ve all heard that half of all American marriages will end in a devastating, often ruthless divorce. While not all marriages are making it, that 50% statistic is no longer true. The divorce rate almost reached that number at a time when divorce was still seen as a failure or even sinful, but times have changed. Despite popular reality shows like Married at First Sight, people today are far more conscious of whom they choose to marry, and why they choose to marry them. So how many marriages are ending up in divorce court these days? Take a look at the graph next!

divorcing couple

Credit: CandyBox Images/Shutterstock

Most people believe that half of American marriages end in divorce, but it seems like that’s no longer the case.

Can you believe these new statistics?