MTV Is So Desperate for Audience Members, They Will Pay You to Show Up

Feb 7, 2017 at 1:56 pm |

Get that moolah!

On June 11th, 2009, MTV debuted their new show 16 and Pregnant. It raised eyebrows with many viewers wondering if the show was glamorizing teen pregnancies and encouraged unprotected sex. Almost eight years later, we can say in full confidence that the show and the successive Teen Mom franchise actually did make a difference. The National Bureau of Economic Research conducted a study and found that 16 and Pregnant help lead to a 5.7% reduction in teen births 18 months after its premiere. In these following years? That number continues to drop almost 7.5% each year.

So we aren’t questioning how successful the series was, but even with the most popular TV shows, going on eight or nine years is a feat. Is it still as popular as it once was? MTV’s latest plea shows that might not be the case.

Teen Mom 2

Source: MTV/Instagram @j_evans1219

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