Mom Posts Hilarious Reasons Why Her Child Can’t Sleep

Mar 28, 2016 at 5:53 pm |

His excuses are pretty creative

Meet Rachel, the mother of two preschoolers who also goes by the name of Mumma McD. Her blog, Toilets aren’t for Turtles, is a place where she writes about “the ridiculous, absurd and WTF moments of parenting.” In her most recent blog post, she records reasons why her two-year-old party animal, as she likes to call him, won’t sleep.

Toddler covering eyes in bed

Credit: Ozgur Coskun/Shutterstock

This mom is super sleep deprived because her toddler never wants to go to bed! Here’s why…

From the mouth of his 'mum,' here are the many excuses of why this "terrorizing toddler" won't go to bed...