Memorial Day Appetizers: Cheesy Beef BBQ Cups

May 25, 2016 at 4:57 pm |

Amazingly delicious.

Don’t serve the same old boring food at this year’s Memorial Day weekend cookout. These cheesy beef BBQ cups will be an exciting new addition on the picnic table! There’s cheese, meat, sweet and sour bbq sauce and biscuits!

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Credit: Consumed Media

You can add this to your list of easy ground beef recipes. Just add some onions and barbecue sauce to cooked ground beef, fill a cupcake pan with premade biscuits, pile the BBQ ground beef mixture on top, top that with cheddar cheese, and bake! Super simple and takes less than half an hour! Hopefully this will become a staple at all your parties!

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They pair well with beer!

They pair well with beer!