Mariah Carey Shares Racy Gym Photo in… Fishnets?

Feb 3, 2017 at 4:53 pm |

Mariah's gym outfit

We all know the Mariah Carey is the biggest diva in Hollywood. She’s not a diva, she is the diva. Mariah has to keep up her image in everything she does. Working out is no exception. No baggy sweatpants… When Mariah works out, she works out in style. It may not be the most practical outfit, but then again, this diva isn’t exactly known for being practical. Keep reading to see the racy outfit Mariah Carey wears when she works out at the gym.

Mariah Carey

Source: Instagram @mariahcarey

Check out Mariah’s workout attire!

Only the Diva herself would do this!