KFC Wins by Handing Out Fried Chicken Bouquets for Valentine’s Day

Feb 13, 2017 at 4:55 pm |

It's finger-lickin' romantic!

Are you still out scrambling for that perfect Valentine’s gift for your lover? Time is pretty much up, so you’ve really got to man up and get them something good already. Does your lady or man like to eat some delectable, crispy, satisfying fried chicken every now and then? We’ve got a great solution to your little predicament. Just head out to your local Kentucky Fried Chicken, buy a bucket, and make up your own fried chicken bouquet. You’ll save cash, and put a smile on their face!

hot girl eating chicken

Source: Instagram @hot.girls.eating

While your friends are making reservations at the most expensive fancy restaurants in town, you and your sweetheart can kick back and eat KFC instead.

Just make sure that your S.O. is okay with this before you get one