“I’m Not Racist!” Jeremy Calvert Mouths off to MTV Producers

Jan 26, 2017 at 1:25 pm |

I don't know how that statement could be read differently

Jeremy Calvert is in no mood to be messed with right now. He’s sick and tired of MTV making him look like the the bad, insensitive guy, and he’s coming out again on social media to claim that the show’s producers have painted him as a racist when he absolutely is not. But it seems like it’s pretty hard to put a spin on what he said right on camera. See what Jeremy has to say about his comments about the country of Mexico.

Jeremy Calvert

Source: Instagram @jeremylcalvert505

When Leah Messer told her ex-husband, Jeremy, that she wanted her kids to see the country of Mexico, he said that he did not wants his daughter going there.

Will Leah end up taking her three little girls into another country?