Jenelle Evans Compares Her Pregnancy to Chelsea’s

Feb 2, 2017 at 10:58 am |

Jenelle vs. Chelsea

Jenelle Evans recently gave birth to her daughter, Ensley. Less than 24 hours later, Chelsea Houska Deboer gave birth to her son, Watson. Since the two were pregnant at the same time, fans were quick to compare the two women. Unfortunately for Jenelle, the haters attacked her while Chelsea received nothing but love. Fans were upset with the way Jenelle handled the reveal of her pregnancy. First, she hid her pregnancy from producers, denied it even. We can’t blame her, she and her boyfriend David Eason wanted to keep this to themselves for a while. However, when the couple was involved in a car accident, the truth was revealed.

Fans criticized Jenelle for not announcing the news in the same way Chelsea did. What does Jenelle think of all of this? Well, she finally said her piece. She compares the differences in her and Chelsea’s pregnancies, and how it was handled by the media, fans, and MTV producers. Find out how she really feels.

jenelle and chelsea baby bumps

Source: Instagram @chelseahouska; @j_evans1219

Jenelle has had it with the haters!

Jenelle is not happy!