Jason Derulo Accuses American Airlines of Racism

Feb 9, 2017 at 5:05 pm |

But it may not be that simple

Jason Derulo had a nasty talk with the staff of American Airlines after he alleged that he was a victim of racist actions by some of them. But after more than a dozen policemen showed up to take control of the situation, a very different picture was painted about what went down between Jason, his extensive entourage, and the airport workers. Jason may have been flying dirty, and that’s certainly against the rules of any flight. And he was trying to take way too many belongings on the plane.

jason derulo angry at airport

Credit: Dailymail

Musician Jason Derulo has spent a lot of time and money on American Airlines, so he was mad when they “mistreated” him. But the airline is telling a different story.

Racism is rampant, but his statement may be misleading...