Jamie Lynn Spears’s Daughter Fighting for Life After ATV Accident

Feb 6, 2017 at 10:44 am |

We're hoping that Maddie pulls through

We all remember Jamie Lynn Spears as Britney’s little sister who had her own successful show on Nickelodeon but had to leave because she got pregnant at a very young age.

While Jamie is very happy with her family right now—and trying hard to reignite her music career—her life has been put on hold as her only daughter is now in the hospital with grave injuries that she received after crashing her vehicle and winding up under water.

jamie lynn and maddie spears in pajamas

Source: Instagram @jamielynnspears

Jamie Lynn Spears’s only child is currently in the hospital with serious injuries after she flipped over an ATV that she was riding during a hunting trip.

Should such young children be allowed to operate those kind of vehicles?