Is This the Best or Worst Guy on Tinder?

Oct 10, 2016 at 12:06 pm |

Whine and cheese

Fellow women. We’ve all experienced cheesy pick ups lines. But this usually happens at a bar by guys with no real personality or confidence. If you are hip to online dating, you know that most men have nothing much to say except “Hey.” or “What’s up?”. The advent of dating apps has created an even lazier pool of single men who just throw a line out there and expect it work.

Well one brave (cowardly?) man decided to use the worst pickup lines on a user named Ayla. While Mark—who proudly uploaded the photos to Imgur—probably uses the same cheesy lines for every woman he matches with. However, the odds are that it’s eventually going to work on someone. Well, luckily for Mark, it does seem to work on this woman.


Credit: girafchik/Shutterstock

Mr. Whine and Cheese

Mark has found his mark