Inspiring Photos That Show How Empowering Cosmetics Can Be

Jun 10, 2016 at 3:41 pm |

I came, I saw, I contoured.

Many women are ridiculed for the amount of makeup they use or for just wearing make up in general. Critics have said that women are “lying” or promoting a false image about what they actually look like, but we know that’s complete crap. First, there is a huge misconception that women wear make-up for men. Women wear make up to feel confident. It helps build self-esteem. It allows a woman (or man for that matter) to express themselves and build an identity.

YouTube beauty pro NikkieTutorials went viral when she dolled up only one side of her face. It inspired women on Instagram to flaunt their own half-finished selfies using the hashtag, #ThePowerOfMakeup. Here are some examples that we found to be inspiring and absolutely gorgeous!! Take a look!

#ThePowerOfMakeUp #ThePowerOfMakeUp iamarya_

Source: Instagram @#ThePowerOfMakeUp iamarya_

Forget diamonds; makeup is a girl’s best friend.

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