How to Score With Tinder Girls

Aug 9, 2016 at 6:16 pm |

Get your s*** together!

Having problems on dating sites? You’re not alone. I’ve been single for about 73 years. Online message boards are filled with frustrated guys and gals who don’t know what they are doing wrong. It’s time to step back and examine your approach. I had one male friend bitch out of frustration about not getting any bites through Tinder nor OKCuipd. I suggested maybe it was his profile and he said, “No. That’s not it.” Well, I saw his profile and yes, that was it. His photos weren’t flattering and it showed very little of his personality.

This help piece is targeted at you dudes out there, but girls with no luck can also find something of use. Stay tuned for “Guys to Avoid on Tinder.”

guy taking bad selfie

Source: Instagram @general_kornilov7

Get your s*** together!

Grab your phone and get to work.