How to Properly Pronounce Food Words

May 16, 2016 at 10:04 pm |


People pronounce food words differently, like the American versus British way of saying “tomatoe.” But many of us don’t want to be rude and correct people on what is the proper way to pronounce these words in our own country. “Espresso” often gets “expresso” and there are a certain number of people who can’t pronounce “Chipotle.” Hey, I don’t blame you: “quinoa” doesn’t exactly help itself even if you do sound it out. While it’s hard to change your pronunciation of words, especially ones you use everyday, we’re here to help if you are embarrassed.

quinoa pronunciation meme

Credit: Losangela/Shutterstock

Whudyasay?! You want a WHAT now?!

Now you can correct other people who pronounce things incorrectly! In your face, other people!