He Cheated on Her, So She Gave Him These…

Jun 20, 2016 at 4:33 pm |

Take notes, ladies.

Being cheated on is not fun. Actually, it’s horrible. No, it’s painfully horrible. It pisses you off and makes you want to do the unthinkable. I once read a story about a girl who found out her man was cheating, went into his apartment, and filled up his curtain rod with raw shrimp. She locked it up, reinstalled it and for weeks, he never knew what that horrid smell was or where it was coming from. Savage!

This girl got revenge, but she did it in a calmer way. Meet Cassy. A woman scorned, Cassy found out her boyfriend cheated on her the most common way today: through social media. Apparently, he slid into some girl’s DMs and embarked on a cheating journey. Cassy found out weeks before, but she decided to wait until Christmas to reveal that she knew what was going on. And she did it in the most epic way ever.

Woman looking at boyfriend's phone while he's sleeping in bed

Credit: gosphotodesign/Shutterstock

Her revenge plot was sure to ruin her ex’s Christmas, New Year, and all holidays to follow.

Cassy's revenge plot was sure to ruin her ex's Christmas.