Guy Catches Girlfriend Cheating on Reality Show and Fit Hits the Shan

Nov 29, 2016 at 4:01 pm |

It is NOT pretty...

If you ask any relationship expert, they’ll most likely agree that the foundation of any relationship is trust and respect. Every relationship is different, however. With some boyfriends or girlfriends, you might trust them completely from the beginning, and others, you have to build trust and respect day by day. Other unsuccessful ones, you just never get to that point and it eventually fails.

To Catch a Cheater is a YouTube channel that puts relationships to the test. A secret camera tests how faithful one partner really is by filming their reaction when an extremely attractive person hits on them. This particular episode, as you can probably guess, did not have a happy ending.

To catch a cheater clip

Source: YouTube @To Catch a Cheater

Well what would you expect??

The scene was not pretty!