The Gross Happenings of an Adult Movie Theater

Mar 13, 2017 at 1:55 pm |

What happens when the lights go down?

Remember Betamax? Sony’s answer to the VHS tape? The reason VHS tape became the universal standard for home video was actually because it was the only format porn was distributed in. Before then, you had to go down to the seedy side of town, pay for a ticket, some popcorn, and grab a seat in the darkness with a bunch of other strangers to get your porno-flick-fix. VHS was the beginning of the end for most adult movie theaters. Now that porn is available at the fingertips of millions of smartphone-carrying wanksters around the world, the neon-lit brick and mortar peepshows are practically obsolete.

There are still some last bastions of adult theaters, inexplicably found in the most bizarre of places – truck stops, town squares, and maybe even right on your own street. One brave former employee of one of these establishments (who identifies himself as Marvin) has come out of the dark to share some of the most shocking, unexpected stories about what it’s really like inside the danky, spanky, and jankey world of adult theaters.

man asleep in movie theater

Credit: logoboom/Shutterstock

A former manager of an adult movie theater describes the surreal (and sticky) happenings of America’s peep shows…

Turns out it's way worse than you think...