Gender Reveal Cake Cutting Leads To A Heartwarming Surprise!

Aug 1, 2016 at 4:14 pm |

She got two surprises!

“Gender reveal parties” have become very fashionable; people are getting creative with the ways that they tell their family and friends the gender of their unborn child. Dinahleigh and Anthony wanted to be just as surprised as their loved ones when it came time to learning if they were heaving a girl or boy, so they asked their local bakery to make a very special cake for them to find out. But there was an even bigger surprise hiding in that cake, and they caught it all on camera. You can see the whole adorable event next!

gender reveal cake cutting

Source: YouTube @Dinahleigh Ortiz

Dinahleigh just thought she was learning the gender of her baby, and then this happened…

She got the surprise of her life!