Fun Recipes: Taco Bell’s Cheetos Crunch-Wrap Supreme

Jun 27, 2016 at 1:15 pm |

Taco Bell meets Cheetos.

Are you craving some Taco Bell, but just can’t get down there right now? Maybe you’re trying to eat at home more to save cash, or maybe someone is trying to make you kick your fast food habit. We’ve got a solution for you no matter the problem! Here’s how to make a Taco Bell treat right in your own home, but we’ve mixed it up by adding Cheetos! We think that the crisp, puffy, cheesy Cheeto is a perfect compliment to your burrito. If you want some extra flavor, try flavored Cheetos, like jalapeño, for a spicy kick.

This recipe is quick, and can be a great snack or meal addition. Kids will love the hot, melty cheese mixed with crunchy Cheetos. They can even help you wrap it up!

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Credit: Consumed Media

Combining your love of Taco Bell with the cheesy bliss of Cheetos—here’s the Cheetos Crunch-Wrap Supreme.

Too much crunch to handle!